Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31 for 21: Day 19 Hope Haven Here We Come!

i don't have much time to make this post....i'm a little "OCD"....must post, must post, committed to posting everyday for Ds awareness month!   haha!     so today ended up looking nothing like i thought it would!  as i was getting ready to take forrest to the dr this morning, the phone rang and it was hope haven, the Down syndrome clinic in jacksonville.  they had a cancellation for TOMORROW!   so after a brief phone consult with tim, we accepted the appointment.   after forrest's appointment, i sent him home with my mom and flew through the house packing for jacksonville!

amidst the chaos of packing, there was a "flurry" of texts between myself and my facebook friend karen prewitt (mom to caleb, 3 1/2) who had graciously offered her home to us several weeks ago!  little did she know that i would take her up on the offer with about 8 hours notice!  wyatt and i were on the road by 1:30 pm....he was awake until about 3 pm and then slept until about 5:45~a terrific traveller!  

here i sit in karen's house blogging.....never would have happened with wyatt's diagnosis!  we never would have met...now i consider her another dear friend.   we've met in person a couple of times at conferences this past summer, but had not spent time together like this!   we had a blast tonight!   her hubby david played and rolled in the floor with our boys....it was so fun!     the boys were so cute together!   wish i had my camera cord to post pics here.....oh well!    

again, i am so blessed.  God has broadened my perspective and "enlarged my territory....."  with a little extra chromosome that i never suspected would change my life in so many terrific ways!    off to complete the paperwork for hope haven.....

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  1. We had a GREAT time! It was so adorable to see the boys together. Like I mentioned, I wonder alot about how Caleb would react/interact with a sibling a LITTLE closer in age than 17 years! lol.
    Wished it could've been a longer visit!!! Perhaps next year-because I know you'll love the people there and want to come back!