Monday, October 4, 2010

A Supportive Friend....

my friend christy has been a tremendous source of support to me since wyatt's birth. she was one of the 1st people to visit us in the hospital, and graciously brought me chick-fil-a for breakfast! love those chicken minis! after work that same day, her husband, jeff, brought us chick-fil-a milkshakes and supper for tim you see a trend? the wards LOVE chick-fil-a better than anyone i know!

after we got received wyatt's diagnosis of down syndrome, when he was 2 weeks old, christy is one of the first people i told. she brought me lunch at home the day after we received that phone call, and i will never forget telling her. she immediately sat down beside me, wrapped her arms around me and cried with me. her response was loving, compassionate, and supportive. she will never know how much her reaction meant to me! i'm fairly certain that she prayed for us that day, for the huge task before us of telling everyone about his diagnosis....

christy is now pregnant with their 4th child, a precious baby girl! they are in orlando for the disney 1/2 marathon and family vacation right now, and her water broke yesterday. she is not quite 27 weeks along; she will remain hospitalized in orlando until their baby is born. she is not in labor right now....her current prayer needs are that she doesn't go into labor, no infection develops, and that the baby's cord will stay where it should.

i can't stand that i'm not there in orlando with them to give them support, encouragement and hugs. to bring them chick-fil-a, take care of their kids, and just be there for whatever they might "love on them!" just as they've been there for us and loved us!

the support that they and so many others have given us since wyatt's diagnosis has been so amazing and beyond what we ever expected, i wish i could do more for them! but i am doing what i can do....i AM praying, and asking other prayer warriors to pray for them....and i know that is the best thing i can be doing for them right now....


  1. Hey Miss Penny! I'm Sarah from the practically newly wed couple in your Fireproof class. I'm so glad you found me on facebook so I could find your blog. I've only read a few posts so far but I really enjoy your blog and I find it very encouraging! I'm only 21 but I've seen a lot change in my life through prayer already so I would love to pray for your friend in Orlando and her baby.

  2. Penny-I will def. put Christy and her baby on my daily prayer list. What a scary thing-and so far from home. I hope she feels God's hand and loving support-as well as her DH and the rest of the family. Please keep us updated.