Friday, October 15, 2010

31 for 21: What's Wyatt Been Up To Lately?

what's going on with wyatt?   today was our developmental therapy day....i love this day!  vicki helps me stay on top of so many things!   i feel like she has such a wide range of expertise, and i'm so glad that she shares that with us!   she uses lots of charts that have "age ranges" for specific "milestones" or activities.  i like to be able to check things off of my own "to do" lists, and she likes to check things off wyatt's lists!  i especially like it when she has to flip a few pages to get to a "higher" level than she was anticipating!   although i don't have those lists....i wish i did... i will share what wyatt's been up to lately!

wyatt jabbers and babbles A LOT!  he's said mama and dada for several months; bubba sometimes.  my parents are "g-mama" and "g-daddy"....they pretty much get mama and dada too!    he's starting saying dog a lot lately, and elmo.  the other night he said apple with tim, when they were looking at his "b is for bear" book.  (haven't heard that yet myself....)  he said hello the other morning when we opened his door.  sometimes he says ball,  he even said a form of "flower" this week in therapy.    now, does he says those things all the time?  NO....but can he?   YES!   it just depends on his "mood," i guess!   silly boy!

wyatt LOVES to play ball....we have lots of different balls, weighted, bumpy, flashing, "O ball," the list goes on.....he loves to throw and catch the ball reciprocally! (this really impresses his developmentalist!) he would play ball about as long as anyone is willing to play it with him! ( a LONG time!) here's a video of him playing "yell ball" with forrest....

wyatt started "commando" crawling at 12 1/2 months...while we were on vacation!   he can get anywhere he wants to!   lately he is getting up on "all fours" a lot more....taking a few "true" crawls before reverting to his "commando" crawls.   he "walks" assisted all the time.  he's constantly pulling up on us to "walk".....we just hold his hands and away he goes!   he also is pulling up more on other things in his environment, including the handle on the bathtub!   
wyatt loves to play...he especially loves to play with his musical toys!  the baby einstein piano is an all time favorite of his, as well as the fisher price little superstar sing a long stage!   he loves his bell and his shaker toys as well!  he really enjoys his books that have buttons that play music or make sounds!  
and he LOVES books!   "how big is elmo?"   "b is for bear" and "little feet like" are some of his favorites!   he gets very excited when we get out books to read.  even this morning i found him rummaging through his books with 6 or 8 spread out around him!  he's so cute when he "reads"....

this is just a little bit about what wyatt's up to these days....i'm sure i'll think of lots more as soon as i post this!  he's doing terrific....we're so happy with how much he seems to learn every day!  his therapists are very pleased as well with his progress.....

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