Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 for 21: Day 21 Wordless Wednesday.....Jacksonville/Hope Haven Trip!

"the boys" playing....wyatt, caleb and mr. david!

"this is such a fun game...makes great music too!"

"too early in the morning to say goodbye, ms. karen!"

ms. melanie...speech evaluation

ms. myesha...occupational therapy

ms. monica....physical therapy

"why is she doing this to me?"  
so tired...end of 4 hours of evaluations!


  1. lol-love the pix! We had a blast! David and I both commented on how well we think Wyatt's doing. I hope you got some great info and tips from HH-can't wait to hear how things went!!

  2. what a trooper! I don't think my son, Matthew would last 4 hours. great photos!