Friday, October 1, 2010

A Great Start!

what a great way to kick off national down syndrome awareness month! the mexican fiesta at carol's home was truly delightful! noel, kristen and i were treated to delicious food in a beautiful home provided by a gracious hostess! carol really knows how to entertain!

it's so fun to get together with these ladies; they are the mothers of michael(2), logan(4) and chloe(5). they have other children as well, but these are their children who were born with that extra chromosome that makes THEM so special and that draws US together. otherwise, our paths probably would not have crossed, and these friendships would not have formed!

i can't help but laugh at our conversations, though. sometimes we just about talk over each other, we have so much to say! (we're a talkative bunch anyway!) maybe a monthly meeting is just not enough! we have so much to share about doctors, therapists, school, and life in general.

we are truly blessed to have each other in this unexpected journey that we find ourselves on!

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  1. This looks like fun ... I think things become easier when you find the support as you have with each other ... I love that my friend Posa had something like that, but everything is so busy and everything ends up being just between her family which makes it harder for her, you all are so blessed and I have learned so much from you, even so far away I feel you are very close !!