Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stretch Me Lord....

isn't it amazing how God opens a whole new world to you when you have a child born with Down syndrome? i know all these wonderful parents, self-advocates, support groups, national organizations, buddy walks, step up with downs walks, etc. were there before, but i didn't know about them. or maybe i didn't want to know about them... didn't want to look too long at a world that i didn't want any part of? sad to admit, but i'm sure that i was scared of the unknown, the challenges; a life different from what i knew. i know i didn't want to look too long at someone with down syndrome, didn't want anyone to think i was staring; that i felt sorry for them...

little did i know that a great percentage of those parents i saw certainly didn't want me to feel sorry for them because they had been given a gift. a precious child chosen by God to be theirs....for whatever reason! i know that was the one thing in the beginning that i didn't want people to do....feel sorry for us. was it pride that made me feel that way? probably....i've always had issues with that...but that's another story! i hated to hear someone say "i'm so sorry" when i told them about wyatt's diagnosis. now i know that for the most part they just didn't know what to say, they were doing their best.

yet with as much as i've learned about down syndrome, i know that there are so many other disorders, chronic illnesses, diseases, disabilities....the list goes on...that i know nothing about. but my world and vision have grown exponentially....i am so much more aware of the needs of others around me. and i'm so thankful for this new awareness; thankful that our hearts have the amazing capacity to be stretched and tugged and enlarged beyond what we ever imagined was possible....


  1. Beautifully said, Penny! I feel the same way. I'm a mommy to an angel with 47 pieces as well and someone posted your blog on facebook. Great! - Kelly

  2. Penny, My sentiments exactly!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    ♥ Cassie

  3. you're so right Penny. We see the world through the eyes of our own living experiences. When those experiences don't include people who aren't like us, we (or I) tend to look away. Not necessarily because we don't care, but because they don't really impact our living.
    Having a child with Ds, or any other disability for that matter, has GOT to change people and their perceptions. Like a layer of the world is exposed to us that we never really saw before. And it's a beautiful layer-filled with different shades and hues. A blessing, for sure. :)
    Love 'em-keep 'em coming!