Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Even More Silly....Thankful for SONIC Drinks!!!!

yep it's you know that my "secret" vice is SONIC DRINKS!!!   i am thankful for sonic cherry lime coke to be exact!    and today i REALLY needed one!!!!   the good thing is their large drinks are .99 before 11 am, and then there's always "happy hour 1/2 price drinks" from 2-4 pm every day!!!    our family LOVES SONIC DRINKS!!!   we will drive around the block waiting for the clock to hit 2 to save those few bucks!   lol!!! 

so today was a little stressful as i am preparing for the dinner party for my dad's 80th birthday tomorrow night!   add to the 2 therapies, a field trip to the park, and i am one tired mama!!!!    so this morning i treated myself to that deliciously yummy (yummilicious) drink.....cherry lime coke!   oh, you haven't tried simply must!   the combination of the sweet cherry flavor with the tangy lime slices....mmm, mmm!!!!  

and did i mention that the way to my heart is through a sonic drink....just kidding, but my hubby does know how to bring a smile to my face when he walks in the door with "my drink!"   especially when it's a surprise!     and what about their ICE????    oh my!!!!!!!!!    one of my bff's introduced me to the fact that you can BUY THEIR ICE BAGGED for parties and stuff!   fun! 

so if you've gotten this far, you'll know that this is a very silly post......but i needed a little lighthearted post tonight!   and if you haven't tried it....i HIGHLY recommend a cherry lime coke!!!  


  1. you are too funny, Penny- we don't have Sonic here, but you're making me wish we did!

  2. I LOVE Sonic drinks! I am pretty passionate about them as well, and make it a point to get one whenever I can -- not so easy here in the East. Slowly, they are starting to make their way here - but my closest one is still 50 min. away. But soooo worth the trip =)
    Hope your party goes well!

  3. I love cherry lime Sonic deliciousness too!!
    ps. Do you have a follow/join widget?