Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for Therapists!

today i am thankful for therapists.....i am actually thankful for them every day!   i had planned to blog about each one during october, Down syndrome awareness month, but didn't get that done!  from day 1, i knew that these ladies were going to play an important role in our lives...but i had no idea how great a role they would play!  

these ladies (and one young man) have become my friends!  they encourage me in my daily parenting of wyatt.  they teach me how to work with him from a developmental viewpoint.  they teach me from their many years of experience, and i am so blessed to benefit from that experience!  they remind me of things that i don't think of developmentally.   it's just a whole different life! 

so over the next few days i will introduce you to each one, and tell you what we are doing in therapy these days!  

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  1. I soooo get it! Hannah is in fourth grade now. I do not interact with her therapist much now. But for so many years they were a lifeline! Her early speech therapist still babysits for us in the summertime!!!

    jane benson