Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful for Royal Ambassador Leaders! Men Willing to Lead Our Boys!

today is the annual "royal ambassador" races!  royal ambassadors is the southern baptist missions organization for boys in grades 1-5.  men from our church give up their wednesday nights to work with our boys week after week as they teach them about missions around the world, memorize Scripture, help them with service projects, take them camping.....the list goes on and on!   it is similar to boy scouts in many ways.  for many boys these days, r.a. leaders may be the only positive male figure in their lives!  i am thankful for many different men who have faithfully served in this capacity as both ethan and forrest have grown up in this program! 

the boys are at the church this afternoon racing the pinewood derby cars that they have been working on for the past several weeks!   i hate that i am not there, but wyatt needed his nap and would not hold out!  the boys take the wooden cars and sand them, paint them, and put decals on them to decorate them as they like!   they really enjoy putting their own personalities into their cars!    they even have test runs with the cars to see how "fast" they are running!   i am sure that there is a lot of excitement up there right now! 

this is forrest's last year in r.a.'s, as he will transition into the youth program when he goes into 6th grade.   but we are so thankful that year after year men volunteer their time and talents to lead our boys to serve and love God with their whole hearts!   we are blessed! 

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  1. A good helping one move , its helps the younger to move forward in their life to do some goods .