Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for My Van!

short and sweet!  today i am thankful for my van!  it may not be the coolest, newest, most loaded, etc, but it has taken me on many adventures in the 5+ years we have had it!  today it took me to see ethan in pensacola (yay) and then to madisonville, louisiana, where i am spending the night in cassie's pool cabana, even though she is not home!  she's such a sweetie....and you should see the "spread" she left for us!  

tomorrow my van will take us to see one of my best friends, shirley and her family, in bossier city, louisiana!   i can't wait!  it's been TOO long since we have seen each other!   on monday my van will take us to fort worth, texas, to see one of my other best friends, susan and her family, as well as susan's extended family!   they moved to texas back in may and i miss her bunches!  

my van took us to the mountains of north carolina to see another of my best friends, kym and her family, back in the spring!  it took us to see my childhood best friend, amy and her family, just a few weeks ago!   it takes me all over the state for conferences and appointments related to Down syndrome too!   again, i get to see lots of my internet besties as well because of my old van! 

not to forget ALL THE DRIVING i do in a week just around town..... my van has LOTS of miles on it!  it's taken us from texas to washington, d.c. and up into tennessee....and all the states in between!   i just needed this reminder of how very blessed we are to have reliable transportation.  i'm afraid that i take it for granted all too often....   


  1. I'm hoping your van will take you somewhere to meet me and the rest of our besties!!! Have a beautiful trip. Love ya!!!

  2. Funny how you said "my van WILL TAKE US" though - sounds as if the van's the one responsible for driving! If only we had those kinds of cars, then we wouldn't have such stressful road trips! But we can settle with alternate driving for now.