Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for Hair Color!!!!

today i am very thankful for HAIR COLOR!!!   i know this might sound like a "shallow" thing to be thankful for, but, well....it's sometimes the "little things" that mean so much!   i have only been highlighting my hair for a few years....mainly because i have always been TOO CHEAP to do it!   (remember, i tell the truth!)   

anyway....remember that we went to legoland a couple of weekends ago?   well, i had one of those "you've got to be kidding me" moments.....   forrest (10) and i were competing in the "junior fire academy" attraction in which we had to power our firetruck (by pumping mechanism) all the way down the track to the "burning building," jump out and pump enough water to put out the "fire," then jump back in our firetruck and propel ourselves back to the finish line!  whew, i am tired just remembering how hard we worked!   anyway, i am a little competitive, and so i gave it my all....and we won!   (beating MEN too, by the way).   so throughout the duration of this attraction, the legoland ride attendant is commentating what is happening on a loudspeaker for all to hear.....  and as we cruise to victory, he says "truck #5 is the winner.....woo hoo.....and i think it's all because of the GRANDMA (ME!!!!!!!)"     WHAT ON EARTH?????   since when do i look like the grandma to a 10 year old boy....   i looked at him and said "MOM!!!"    i only wish that i had gotten wyatt (2) and said "HE'S MINE TOO!!!!"

so that was when i made up my mind that it was time for new highlights!  as soon as possible!!!!    and today was the day!  yay for haircolor!!!    i think it looks pretty good!!!!   thinking it's time to contact legoland about the "pain and suffering" their insensitive employee has caused me.......


  1. You look hot, mama! I cannot believe someone thought you were a grandma. . . seriously?!?!

  2. UGH!! Some people are such idiots!!!!

  3. Ohmygosh, that's awful! You soooo do not look like a grandma! And I, too, am very grateful for hair dye. :-)