Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful For Those Who Serve Our Country....and Their Families!

today is veteran's day, and it is our family's tradition to go downtown for our local veteran's day parade.  it's the least we can do to recognize those who have served our country through the years; those who have made great sacrifices to guarantee the freedoms that we all too often take for granted!   
i am so glad that ethan was here for my dad's birthday party last night, and that we could continue our tradition of going to the parade today!    after a yummy breakfast at the golden corral buffet, we headed downtown to settle in for the parade.  there were lots of people there, which i am always glad to see.   i like that families take the time to honor those who have served!  

living in a military community (tyndall air force base and naval support activity panama city are both located here), we have had many very good friends who are in the military!   as a matter of fact, most of my very best friends for many years are married to men in the military!   unfortunately, that also means that most of my very best friends have LEFT ME through the years!!!!   but i am thankful for the sacrifices that their families make for the freedoms of us all!    we are so blessed.....

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