Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for Little Boy Cowboy Boots....

yep you read that right!  today i am thankful for little boy cowboy boots!  i have had cowboy boots sitting in wyatt's room to accent his cowboy themed room, and today wyatt noticed the smallest pair.....and then i realized that they might fit him now!   these are boots that were originally ethan's (18) and then forrest (10) wore them....

i quickly ripped off the footie part of wyatt's pajamas, put a pair of socks on him, and wrangled him into the boots..... i was so scared that i had let him outgrow them....  but they fit!  perfectly!    and so he roamed the house in his diaper, while i sang "these boots were made for walking....", snapping our fingers all the way!   so cute!

so today i am thankful for the memories that these cowboy boots evoke.... of ethan dressing up like "woody" and other cowboys throughout the years..... of forrest strutting around as a rough and tough cowboy.....  and now wyatt can wear them!    sweet memories.....   we are so blessed!  

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  1. He is so cute! I love how all the boys got to wear them too!