Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful for Sloppy Toddler Boy Kisses......

a perfect example....SWEET!!!!

today mom, wyatt and i were shopping, and she asked wyatt for a kiss, so wyatt gave her one of his sloppy, open mouth, more like a lick kisses!   very cute and sweet!   and WET!!!!   she said "i can't wait for you to learn to kiss the right way...." and i laughed and agreed with her..... those kisses are pretty wet!   but then i remembered that before we know it, he will stop giving those sloppy toddler boy kisses!  

maybe this is where he learned
 how to give sloppy kisses!

before we know it, we'll be lucky to get a quick "peck on the cheek" as he is off to do something else!   and then we'll be lucky to get a quick hug goodnight!   but maybe this is just one of the little blessings that his "little something extra" will give us..... a little bit longer with his sloppy toddler kisses......


  1. I love any kisses from L...wet and sloppy are just fine. Today she was looking at her iPad and I was on the computer. She turned her head away from the iPad and kissed me on the cheek and then went back to watching her video. She gets it!!! And I LOVE it!!!

  2. LOVE those kind of kisses! Eon already does it the "right" way, just a quick peck and he's off! Sigh. KJ totally skipped the open mouth kind. She just makes a cute smacking noise. Thank you for the reminder that it all goes by too fast! :)