Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful for My Sons

i have been blessed with 3 wonderful, amazing sons!     God has great plans for these 3 guys, and i am so thankful that He chose me to be their mama!!!!  

ethan is a college freshman at the university of west florida, and yes .....we are following him over there!  not really following him, but we will be joining him in pensacola next year!   he is funny and smart, he loves history and writing....well.....he loves school!    he is studying archaeology and can't wait to experience his "field school" hopefully next summer.  he plans to travel the world....

forrest is a fun-loving fifth grader who loves LEGOS, reading, science and history!   he also loves to play with his little brother!   there is no telling what forrest will decide to do with the rest of his life.... from astronaut to archaeologist to doctor to therapist....the sky is the limit for forrest!   

and then there is wyatt who is 28 months old....our little bonus baby "surprise" gift from God!   we know that God has great plans for this little guy as well..... he certainly spreads joy to most everyone he meets!  

thank you God, for these boys!!!!

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  1. Such handsome boys!! This is a really, really sweet post. :-)