Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful for Technology....

today i am thankful for technology!

cell phones that keep us in touch with our loved ones who are far away.....especially a son in college!

facebook that has opened up a whole world of friends who i would have never met any other way!  friends who have become best friends, yet we have never met face to face.....we share that "little something extra" in common....our kiddos have Down syndrome.   we laugh together, cry together, and encourage each other!   

facebook that helps me stay in touch with "in real life" friends and family who live far away....  such a wonderful thing to know about each other's day to day life even when we haven't seen each other in years!   it has helped me reconnect with some of my best friends from years gone by as well!

email that helps us communicate, receive and pay bills, send photographs and documents.... many conveniences that we never had before!  as i was talking to ethan this weekend, he mentioned that he often emails his professors if he has a question and usually receives a quick response....WOW!   that is awesome!   back in the "old days".....well, i guess we had to go to the professor's office if we had questions!   and today ethan needs some papers that are here, 100 miles from where he is, and we will scan them and email them to him tonight to save a trip home!  

i know that there is a downside to all our modern technological advances..... but we must monitor technology for ourselves as well as our children to be safe!    we must accept the responsibility for appropriate use!   we must be ever vigilent that we not abuse technology.....for, in the words of peter parker (aka spiderman), "with great power, comes great responsibility"!!!  

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  1. I agree with you completely. It's unfortunate that the downside of technology is just a reflection of the problems with the human race in general.