Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful to Share....

if you have ever seen any pictures here from inside our family room, you have surely seen the multitude of toys that wyatt has been blessed with!   it often looks like a small toy store in our house!   we have been blessed by friends who have shared their toys with us, particularly toys that have a developmental application!   i saved many of our older boys' toys that have come in handy for wyatt, and when it's birthday or Christmas time, family and friends often ask what he "needs....."   and often there is a toy that we have been "eyeing" developmentally that they are more than happy to get for wyatt!   i don't remember being so specific in toy shopping with our older boys, maybe i was, but i do know that when i look at a toy now, i am thinking "what will that help wyatt accomplish developmentally?"!!!!   

as we are preparing to move to pensacola next year, we are starting to get our home ready to put on the market.  and so the cleaning out has begun!   especially with the toys!   today i was able to take a load of toys that filled the back of my van over to one of the new babies in our Down syndrome community.  she is about 6 months old, such a good age to start responding to toys, and i am so glad that we were able to share with her family.  i hope i didn't overwhelm her mama..... i don't think i did, she seemed very happy and appreciative of what we were able to share with them!   

we are so blessed......

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