Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful for the Generosity of Others....

today our local Down syndrome organization, acton up with downs, was blessed with the opportunity to have a fun day riding amusement park rides at our local shopping area, pier park.   next weekend, our local marine park, gulf world, will also bless our families with free admission for our kiddos, and a discounted rate for family members!   too bad we will be traveling for thanksgiving and have to miss that fun day! 

for years, panama city beach was home to the miracle strip amusement park.  it closed it's gates in 2004, and recently 6 of the original rides from the amusement park have been restored and placed at pier park for kiddos to enjoy while their parents shop, eat, and enjoy our beautiful beaches!   the owners of miracle strip @ pier park contacted our group and offered complimentary unlimited all day passes for each child/adult with Down syndrome as well as a companion/parent for today!   we had a lot of fun, even after i, ever the graceful one, tripped and fell off the carousel.....  embarrassing!!!   and painful.....hope i can walk tomorrow!   but i digress.....

the boys and i were able to join friends on this beautiful fall day and have fun riding rides!  wyatt particularly enjoyed the "balloon race" and the ferris wheel, as well as sitting on the seat of the carousel.  he does not care for the horses on any carousel for some reason....  the ferris wheel was a bit scary for this mama as i held on to our little man pretty tightly!  but what a beautiful view of the gulf of mexico from the top!  forrest enjoyed EVERYTHING!!!   particularly the spinning rides....not this mama!   

so today i am very thankful for the generosity of these folks, who are two icons of tourism for panama city beach, to graciously entertain our families!

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