Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful for My Parents

today i am thankful for my parents!   they were told that they would never have any more children after my sister carla was born.....and then i came along 7 years later!   SURPRISE!!!    and of course now they say they don't know what they would do without me (most days!)....  i am fairly confident that i have kept them "young!"    my sisters were 11 (pam) and 7 (carla) when i was born!   carla ran away from home because i was a girl!   (she was a tomboy and wanted a brother, i think).   pam has always been very nurturing, i can remember that she took care of me!  

my parents have been such a huge source of support to me and my family through the years.  they will do anything for you!   i am so thankful that God decided those doctors were wrong, and blessed me with them as parents!  
i think that they get crazier about each successive grandchild!  just when you think they couldn't love one more, another one comes along and their love just grows and grows....   they say that there is nothing like having grandchildren.....  
we are so blessed.....

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