Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Texas "Bear" Beauty! Meet Chloe Bear!

today's valentine is "cute as a bug" chloe bear, who actually wrote her own post on her mama's ("as reasonable as can be expected") blog about MUST go check it out here!   she thinks he's quite the "player!"  it's hilarious!   chloe and her family live in texas, and her mama and i are facebook friends and fellow bloggers!

Chloe Bear is a clever, silly 2-year-old, who is just a few months older than Wyatt.
Her favorite thing is dancing.   as a matter of fact, her response to wyatt's question "will you be my valentine?" was "if you can keep up with me on the dance floor!"   [wyatt's quite the dancer, but i've never been able to capture his moves on video!]

She also really likes baths, which can be with or without clothes or her sister. 

She is also willing to improvise a bath in the bathroom sink (also clothing optional).

Music, Signing Times, and her two sisters are some other favorite things. She can enjoy herself doing almost anything and loves Kindermusik and story time at the library.

Her mama says she likes to pretend that she isn’t as smart as she is and will surprise you by doing something really ingenious like finding different things in the mirror and then turning it at an angle in a different spot to find something else. She is currently working on being potty trained and pedaling a tricycle for longer distances. 

Chloe's favorite color is red and her favorite foods are yogurt and bananas. She is very interested in learning to read and sew and if someone is teaching anything regarding reading to her sister or if her mother or grandmother is sewing, she is right there paying close attention. The fabric for the beautiful red dress in this picture was chosen by Chloe out of her grandmother's stash!   She kept grabbing it until Grandma agreed to make her a dress out of it..... she's presistent too!

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