Friday, February 3, 2012

[One of] Wyatt's West Coast Valentines.... Meet Miss Melody

one of my very first facebook friends in our online Down syndrome community was darci, melody's mama.  wyatt and i immediately fell in love with this air force cutie pie!  we keep hoping that they will get stationed near us here in northwest florida!
sweet melody!

I was soooo excited to get a valentine from Wyatt! I've had a little crush on him since we were just tiny babies. I know we live clear accross the country from one another, but I really hope we can meet in person one day soon. I know we would have so much fun together! Here are some things about me:

connor, melody and andrew
My family is so special to me. I am a Daddy's girl and have him wrapped around my little finger. I am Mama's little helper. I help her grocery shop and make sure she does not spend too much money, by taking the groceries out of the cart and throwing them on the floor. Sometimes, I even empty out the kitchen drawers for her. : ) I have the best brothers in the whole wide world. They play with me a lot and take very good care of me. 
what a helper!  wyatt loves to do this too!

I LOVE to play outside, but I live in rainy Washington, so I don't get to go out to play much in the winter and spring. One of my favorite things to do outside is swing! I love to go really high. I smile and laugh the whole time, and ask for more! I also love it when my brothers and I blow bubbles together. I get so excited and run around trying to pop them and say 'pop, pop, pop!"

wyatt loves babies too!
My favorite toys are my baby dolls. I like to feed them, bathe them, put them night night, and take them for walks. I also give them lots of hugs and cuddles. I will make a very good Mommy someday.

sweet little mama!
My very favorite thing to watch is Signing Time. I love music, and am really into language and communication right now. My speech is really exploding. My Mama has lost count of all the signs I know, but estimates it at 200+ words. I also have about 75 verbal words. What can I say...I love to talk, just like my Mama!
wyatt loves rachel too!


one of wyatt's favorite foods too!  YUMMY!!
Eating is another favorite thing I like to do! I like lots of different foods, but some of my favorites are, spaghetti, pizza, mandarin oranges, and peaches. Oh, and I can't forget chocolate chip cookies! Afterall, what girl doesn't love chocolate!!
wyatt and melody are
equally messy eaters!

I'm so glad I got to tell you a little bit about myself. As you can see, I really am "more alike, than different".
Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Hey, Miss Melody! You're always so much fun at our MOPS meetings! Your Mama told me you were famous and on the internet now, so I just wanted to stop over and say "Hi!" Who knew you were such a good letter writer! Wyatt - You better not break her heart! Love, Marie

  2. what a cutie pie! So so sweet!

  3. She's adorable too! Love her already!!

  4. She is a beauty! I love getting to know about all of Wyatt's Valentines!