Thursday, February 23, 2012

Violet Very Shyly Says "YES!"

wyatt's girlfriend today is another "real life" girlfriend!   we have "known" violet and prayed for her since she was in her mommy's tummy!   they only live a couple of hours from us, and we will soon live very close to each other when we move!  although she has another serious beau, kaleb, she was still willing to "spread the love," and be wyatt's valentine too!   her mommy, amber, shares their lives on two blogs; "growing a violet" and "365 photo challenge!     enjoy!!!

Violet's favorite things are frilly dresses!  She seriously gets mad if she is just in a onesie. She is very much the girly girl and she loves all her accessories like purses, leg warmers, bracelets and hats.

She loves her stuffed animals, Mr Hippity Hop, Ducky Mo Mo, and Kanga the kangaroo the most of all.

Violet absolutely loves music....all kinds!!!   She loves Adele and Enya and any old blues singers!  Her favorite song for me to sing to her is Allouette in French. For some reason she likes French nursery songs but not English ones. She loves sign language and we have done it with her since birth. Her first sign was mommy and her second sign she is trying to do is train (she loves Chugington). Her favorite movies are The Lion King and Dumbo. The opening song (Circle of Life) can come on and she will stop in her tracks every single time!  Doesn't matter if she is throwing the tantrum of the century she will quit just to listen to that song and then she will pick up her screaming as soon as it goes off. She will give you the stink eye if you talk or do anything while HER song is on. It is absolutely hilarious!!!

Violet says "YES!"  I will be Wyatt's Valentine!!!


  1. giggling. What an adorable little girl. Hope to meet her one day- when you move closer and share your friends and outgoing personality with us.