Tuesday, February 14, 2012

While Wyatt Waits.....We Celebrate... Happy Valentine's Day!!

me and my "valentine" of 24 years!
while wyatt waits to hear from katie..... (she left him hanging yesterday, you know)..... we celebrate valentine's day!!!   katie should give us an answer by tomorrow.... and there are MORE little cuties to come.....so keep READING every day as we celebrate a month of valentines!!!

so i'm CRAZY about holidays!   i decorate for Christmas, valentine's, Easter, summer (patriotic) and fall (including thanksgiving!).   so our home has been decorated for valentine's since we took down our Christmas stuff!    it's just fun for me to do!!!   i even have our wedding cake topper featured in my valentine's decor!    when we talked to the listing realtor for our house, tim asked him if we needed to take down our valentine's stuff, and i was like "no way!"   this is our house and this is the way we live!  the realtor said it was fine!   
cuter in person!

as you can see, i am not kidding about decorating for valentine's!  maybe i am the "crazy valentine lady!"  and this is not everything.... i even have a red valentine tree with white hearts.....very cute!

banquet time!
anyway, the "littles" and i have been celebrating valentine's since last week..... we went to the valentine's banquet at my parent's church with them!   we had a fun time, and my parents enjoyed "showing off" their grandsons to all their friends!   
the very next night, forrest and i went to the "mother/son night of fun" at our church!  this event was formerly known as "mother/son banquet," until the leaders figured out that our boys liked the sound of "night of fun" better than "banquet!"   we had a great time there!

although we won't all be together tonight for valentine's, i am proud to say that tim took ethan out to dinner last night for valentine's, since ethan has to work tonight!   i will probably take the "littles" out for a bite to eat tonight before we pick tim's mom up from the airport!  she's coming to visit us from texas!!!

before our bestest friends, the millers moved, we would usually get together on valentine's to grill steaks and have FONDUE!!!!    we miss them terribly!!!

my parents always give each of us steaks for our families to enjoy for valentine's, so we will all be together enjoying steaks this saturday night instead!   and maybe we'll have a little fondue then...

valentine's and love would mean nothing to me if i didn't know the love of God.  the most important love letter ever written is, of course, the Bible.....  God's love letter to the world, guiding us in how to live a life surrendered to Him, loving one another just as Jesus loved us sacrificially by dying on the cross to forgive us of our sins.....  do you know Him?  do you know this love?   the greatest love of all?      "for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish...."  (John 3:16)  i'd love to tell you more about Him....
blessings..... and happy valentine's day!


  1. Love the decorations! I think they look like something that could help a prospective buyer feel like it could be a *home* rather than a strictly impersonal space. Glad your realtor felt that way! Happy Valentine's Day to you all, and extra smooches from Sammi to Wyatt. :-)

  2. LOVE your decorated house. Please come and fix mine up :) Happy valentine's day!

  3. Love ya Penny! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. happy {heart} day have enjoyed wyatt's loves from afar:)

    Did you see "my" Bogdan has a family? so excited!! cant wait to see who it is