Friday, February 17, 2012

Going International!!!! Jamie Kay, World Traveller, Says "YES!"

today wyatt's valentine is world traveller, jamie kay carter!!!   in the short time since i have known them, they have lived in switzerland, australia, and guernsey!   her sweet mama, sally, and i are facebook friends and fellow bloggers.   you can follow their family adventures at "starting over".

Jaime Kay is Wyatt’s overseas love, currently residing on Guernsey, a tiny island off the coast of France which is governed by Britain.  She is half American, half English, born in Switzerland, and lived in Australia, so pretty well travelled for a girl who’ll be four next month, right before World Down Syndrome Day!  She also has a big brother who is eleven, and who loves her very much.

When I told her about Wyatt’s romantic proposal, the conversation went like this:

What, Mommy, a letter from Wyatt?


“A special Valentine’s? 
For me?”
What do you mean, he’s asked every other pretty girl in the world as well? Nonsense. He’s bound to like me too. And besides, I’ve always got Caleb (Karen McConeghy Prewitt’s equally handsome boy) – we’re promised after all, once our Mommys can work out our ongoing geographical issues.

Pose?  With the art we made yesterday? 
Why of course!

                                          I’m gonna have a                                             Valentine!”

“There.  I reckon that about covered it!  Love ya, Wy, and love your momma too!”


  1. Why thank you Anna! She tries her best to look lovely! And thank you Penny and Wyatt for choosing us to take part - it was a gluey, glittery blast!

  2. oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! I love her awesome glasses. She totally rocks them :)