Monday, February 20, 2012

Seriously, Wyatt? You Asked TWO SISTERS to Be Your Valentine???

charity, their "sister across the sea!"
can you help bring her home???
it is true, wyatt asked 2 sisters, ragen and lucy to be his valentines!   i consider deanna, their mommy, to be a very dear friend, although we have never met in real life!   we "talk" a lot on facebook, as well as by phone and email.   she is my sister in Christ, and i have grown to love her and her family over the past few years!   i "walked" alongside her during their adoption last year of lucy, and we're excited about their adoption of charity this year!    please pray for them, and donate as you can to help them raise the funds they need to bring charity home!   they are currently having a "vacation get-away giveaway!"   every $10 you donate gives you a chance to win a vacation that includes airfare for 4 to anywhere in the continental united states, as well as a hotel stay!   what a great giveaway!   please visit their blog, "the 21st chromosome....a blessing in disguise" to donate and follow their story!   you can also donate by clicking on the charity's "button" in the sidebar!  

enjoy what deanna has to say about her girls! 
"Lucy likes to eat, and Ragen doesn't. Lucy is my chocoholic and Ragen can eat her some strawberry ice cream. Ragen likes to go go go and Lucy likes to sit and cuddle. Ragen is a singer and VERY vocal, and Lucy loves to just smile and watch her big sister. They both LOVE Signing Time and Sesame Street. They both love their bath that daddy gives them every night and then they sit one at a time at mommy's vanity while mommy does their hair. Ragen is learning to be a great big sister...she is beginning to help mommy push her little sister in her stroller or grocery cart when we are out and about. They love to play catch with each other and pretend feed each other and have on occasion, as of recently, gone upstairs into their bedroom, shut the door and played together without me!   I'm sure that Charity will make a wonderful addition to this dynamic duo and they will become a fabulous trio! "

I heard the craziest thing, Lucy...I heard that Wyatt asked BOTH OF US to be his Valentine!!!!    Isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard?

But we are NOT going to let this tear us apart!   We are sisters and best friends.... no boy, not even one as cute as Wyatt, is going to come between us!!!   I PROMISE!!!!

Who am I kidding?    You better believe I'm gonna be Wyatt's Valentine!!!!
Mommy, I don't want to tell Ragen, but I'm saying "YES" to Wyatt too!!!


  1. :-) That Wyatt trying to charm two fabulous siblings!

  2. Haha! Ragen AND Lucy ... how lucky can one boy get?? Poor Aziza is getting jealous over here :)


  3. Adorable! Wyatt is one lucky guy...all these beautiful ladies!!!