Friday, February 24, 2012

Coloradan Claire Says "YES" to Wyatt's Question!!!

 cutie pie claire is wyatt's valentine from colorado!   her mommy, melissa, and i are facebook friends as well as fellow bloggers!   she is getting ready to have a baby in march, and their lives are very busy right now!  i appreciate her taking the time to include claire in wyatt's valentine posts!   i know that you will love her blog, "moo's crossing"!!!    melissa shares a little about Claire...  enjoy!

Claire can't wait to be a big sister and spends lots of time with her baby dolls and the babies at daycare. She loves to give them kisses and hugs.   She is going to be an AWESOME big sister!!! 

She loves "Wheels on the Bus," "Head Shoulder Knees and Toes," and anything else that she can dance to. She LOVES music, and has even been known to be inspired by particularly catchy commericals.  ;)

Let's see, Claire's favorite food is, um....CHEESE!!!!    Cheese, cheese, cheese. Cheese sandwiches, cheese ravioli. Chicken is a close second but cheese tops the list. Other favorites are applesauce and green beans. She doesn't really like fruit, and has her dad's non-existent sweet tooth.
Claire loves to be outside, and will get her coat and hat, stand by the gate and say go, go go! She can't get enough of swinging or sliding, or buggy rides with her dad.

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  1. Claire is so excited to be Wyatt's valentine today!! Please give Wyatt extra kisses and hugs from us today!