Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet Molly.....Wyatt's Marvelous Red-Haired Valentine!

another of wyatt's many girlfriends is the lovely red-haired molly!   her mommy and i have been facebook friends for quite a while, and we have had the great privilege of praying for her through some scary health issues!   we have come to love molly a lot!  enjoy what her mommy shared with us.....

Molly just turned 3 last Sunday…she started going to “big girl” school on Monday. She will go in the mornings and will be with other kiddos who need special attention. Molly lives at home with her Mommy & Daddy, her big sister – Lily (age 8) and big sister – Olivia (age 4). She also has a four-legged brother, Toto, who she tries to chase and give him extra love. 

Molly’s favorite food right now is potato chips. She learned to sign eat (her second official sign) last week during speech therapy so that she could “eat” more potato chips. 

Her favorite activity is jumping. She has a Jumperoo which she loves to be in whenever she can. Molly also loves talking in “Molly talk” very loudly and singing. She “sings” with the choir at church each Sunday. I’m not sure how they all feel about that, but no one has complained yet J

Molly has a very large fan club on facebook and in our community. It is very nice to have so many people praying for her whether we are going through a medical crisis or not. Last winter, Molly added epilepsy to her list of “fun!” She has been seizure free since June and we are very grateful for her physician, Dr. James Wheless, in Memphis who took such great care of her. We are also very grateful for the Cochlear Implant Team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital who try to find unique tools to help with her hearing issues. Molly has a profound hearing loss in her right ear and a moderate to severe loss in her left ear. She currently wears a hearing aid in the left ear and a BAHA on a elastic band around her head. One of the on-going challenges is trying to find the best way to amplify language so she can learn to talk…something we hope will happen but are not sure at this point.

Molly is a joy to our lives and has turned everything upside down. We now know what is important in life and she taught us that lesson.  I quit working full-time to stay home with all of the girls 9 months after Molly’s birth. It has been a welcome change for all of our family members. Molly has also encouraged me to take care of myself and I have started running and working out 5-6 days a week. This is a great stress reliever and good for everyone.

What else can I say…we all love her! Who could resist that smile and red hair? J


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