Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wyatt's Very 1st Valentine.... Brennan!

wyatt and i are so excited to share with everyone the VERY FIRST RESPONSE he received to his "mass valentine mailing!" 

imagine our surprise to receive a POEM from his very first girlfriend ever!   that's right... BRENNAN wrote wyatt a about creative!  you might remember her for her boldness in kissing wyatt the very first day they met..... remember that pic?  mere babes they were.....enjoy brennan's poetic response.....

Will I be your valentine?

Yes, of course! And I hope you will be mine

our famous chick-fil-a kiss!

We were just one, 
when our friendship had begun.

Do you remember that day,
we were at Chick-fil-A?

one of my favorite places,
and the look on our mama’s faces –

when Logan, my big sister,
took that infamous picture!

I leaned over and surprised you with a kiss! 
I guess I didn’t scare you off! I hope it was bliss!

a fun (and tiring) day in new orleans!
Our families went to Mellow Mushroom on my second birthday,
then the Aquarium & beignets for a nice NOLA get-away,

My third birthday we celebrated at Cracker Barrel with brunch,
and all of our fun play dates with the rest of the bunch.

see, our mamas are really great friends!
I’m so glad our mamas are really great friends.

I know we will grow up together as our relationship transcends.

wyatt's first valentine!

Soon you will live just three hours away,
which means we will have much more time to play!
I want you to know that it’s you my heart adores,
And to let you know Wyatt I will always be yours….
All my love, Brennan

brennan admiring wyatt  from afar....

brennan did not want wyatt to feel lonely while bathing...
one of the many things wyatt and brennan both love....
legos.... as well as food, playing in the kitchen, music, football, brennan's dollhouse...
the list goes on and on!   sweet valentines! 
wyatt's mardi-gras valentine girl!


  1. Brennan is such a doll! Oh are quite the ladies man!

  2. Oh, how adorable!!!! Love the poem, too. Wyatt is a little heart-breaker... :-)

  3. Hi Brennan, what a beautiful poem from a beautiful little girl!

  4. so CUTE!! favorite blog post of the day for sure!!! Brennan is gorgeous! Wyatt sure is lucky to have such a pretty Valentine!

  5. What a great response! Brennan is a beauty for sure!