Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Texas Beauty? Wyatt's Girlfriend Grace!!!

precious little grace, who LOVES to smile for the camera, is one of wyatt's "real life" girlfriends who we have had the pleasure of meeting in person!   her family lives just about 20 miles from wyatt's texas grandparents, and so we have the chance to get together sometimes!   her mama, felicia, and i first met on facebook, through our online Down syndrome community, and became fast friends!   enjoy!

Like a little woman already, Grace had to make Wyatt for his answer.

Grace has been so busy these days!! She is counting down to celebrating her 2nd birthday in March. But she started the terrible twos attitude weeks ago. Mommy thinks its going to be a long year. She is definitely a young lady that knows what she wants and likes to run the show. We are a girly girl already. Love jewelry, purses, and playing in other people’s hair. Grace runs the house, or at least her two older brothers, who are completely wrapped around her cute little bent pinky finger!

Grace lives in Pearland, Texas and attends the Rise School of Houston, which is a school for kids with Special Needs, but mainly Down Syndrome. She LOVES school!! At school she gets to do art work, have music time, play in a huge room full of balls and mats, and look at her self in a wall full of mirrors. At school, we are told that she loves to HELP and instruct her classmates on what we are doing. The little teacher in the making!!
Grace loves music. Her two favorite cartoons are The Princess Frog, and Tangled, and I really believe its because of all the beautiful songs. She sings along in her soft little voices and raises her hands in the air as a “ta-da” at the end of the song. Her favorite song these days is “We found love” by Rihanna, yes, sad but true. Whenever the song comes on the radio you can hear her humming, dancing and singing along to the song. Maybe we aren’t a teacher in the making…but a star instead!!

Grace got to meet her long distance valentine, Wyatt, when she was only a few months ago.....

She knew there was a bond then…so YES!!! Wyatt, Grace would LOVE to be your Valentine!!

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