Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wyatt's Texas Beauty Ellie Bellie Bear!

are we sure about this, mama?
today's valentine has a texas connection!  although she was not born in texas, she lives there now.... wyatt's daddy is a texan, and those roots go deep!    meet precious ellie.........
who could resist this face????

happy girl!!!
Ellie, aka Ellie Bellie Bear and The Chunky Chicken, is a vivacious, sassy little 2 year-old girl who is full of mischief and toddlertude. Ellie Bear has a great fondness for climbing and running around playgrounds and indoor bouncy houses (no worries! she has AAI clearance). When she is not nearly giving her mama heart attacks, she can be found stacking blocks and putting together (gnawing on) puzzles while watching Signing Time! The Chunky Chicken has a great affinity for crackers and raisins. Actually, that is all she will eat-crackers and raisins. She is not real big on variety. She also loves the color purple as those are the clothes she enjoys removing from her dresser drawers and strewing around the room. 
these shoes are yummy!

look at me!

What else? Well, the Bear KNOWS she is going to be Mrs. Wyatt Putman in the future so look out ladies because this little girl is not afraid to unleash her Bear-itude to keep her man! Learn more about the antics of Miss Ellie SassyPants at The Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear !
don't be fooled by this sweet face....there is a
fierce "bearatkkkkkk


  1. Love Ellie Bear!!!! I sorta like that tutu outfit too. ;)

  2. What a beauty and a fashionista too! Wyatt is a lucky little boy!