Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will You Be Mine?

i'm so excited!  wyatt and i have been VERY busy getting ready for the month of february..... the month traditionally associated with LOVE...... Valentine's Month!!!!    the house has been decorated for weeks, and we've been busily working on a fun month of blogging!  woo hoo! 

we have some fun posts in store for you, so you don't want to miss any of them!   you will be meeting several of wyatt's GIRLFRIENDS!!!   yep, you read that correctly....SEVERAL!!!   you see, wyatt is such the Ladies' Man that he simply could not choose just ONE girl to be his VALENTINE..... he chose several!   we can't wait for you to meet them!  

aww, mama.... really? 
do i have to pick just 1 valentine?
no way can i do that!

i might can keep it under 20....
so many pretty little time!

i'm praying about it.....
this is an important decision!
we always pray about important stuff!

i'm feeling a little shy, mama....
what if they say "no"?
maybe if i flash them my pretty smile
they'll say "YES!"

you don't want to miss their answers, now do you?    check back daily to see which pretty girl has given wyatt her answer!

{a special thanks to my fellow blogger and facebook friend erin for allowing me to "copy-cat" her cute valentine's post from last year!   check out her son grady's valentines from last year here!  they are some pretty cute girls!}


  1. Wyatt is the cutest thing, and I am sure he will always have lots of little girls after him. ;) Get a bat.

  2. ooooh Lily will have to get in the running for this!!!

  3. Wyatt is so cute. All the pictures are beautiful and special but the praying picture is so loving. Thank you for sharing, Penny.