Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet Another of Wyatt's West Coast Beauties, Ruby!

ooh mommy....a Valentine?  for me???
today's valentine is the beautiful ruby, who lives in washington state; VERY FAR AWAY from our home in florida!   her mommy and i have been facebook friends for quite a while; ruby and wyatt have "grown up together" through facebook!  they were born about 3 weeks apart..... wyatt wants me to let you know that HE is the older one!   enjoy!

dress up diva!
Ruby's favorite activities with Mommy are dressing up in Mommy's clothes, singing, dancing, reading books, putting on make-up and vacuuming. She is  also Daddy's little princess. She starts every morning with a call to Daddy at work and can often be seen running around the house in his baseball caps and sun glasses.

from WYATT????
he wants me to be his Valentine?

he is SOOOO CUTE!!!
i do have my family to think about, though.....
Ruby has four siblings. Hali is 18 and in college and Ruby loves to talk to her on Facetime on the iPhone. Elli is 15 and Ruby enjoys going to watch her play soccer. Luke is 11 and is Ruby's best friend. They play lots of games like catch with a ball, chase around the house or hide and seek (Ruby's version which means hide in the same 3 spots and cover your own eyes so brother can't see you). 
especially grady....
i wonder if wyatt would like "baby"?

Grady is Ruby's 7 week old brother, also known as "Baby." He is Ruby's favorite new toy. She loves to hold him on her lap, kiss his head and steal his pacifiers and hats.  


thinking, thinking.....
Her favorite foods are applesauce, spaghetti and whatever Mommy is eating. Her favorite snacks are crackers. Ruby is a great eater and always amazes guest with the quantity of food she can eat for such a little girl. When she is finished she amazes them with her throwing arm as she cleans all the leftover food off her tray. [you would think that she and wyatt eat together all the time....this describes out meal time to a tee!]

Ruby has a very busy schedule with Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and a home teacher once a week. This school year Ruby is going to a co-op preschool twice a week. There she enjoys song time, free play with toys, painting and crafts.  [She IS a very busy little lady!]



  1. Adorable!!!! Too bad she lives so far away. Id love to give her a squeeze. Wyatt really has good taste in girls at such a young age!

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