Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Lovely Leah.....Wyatt's Thursday Valentine!

wyatt's valentine today is the lovely leah!  her mama and i have developed a close friendship of encouragement and support, sharing with each other through facebook and phone calls the joys and tears that we experience with our wonderful kiddos!   jennifer wrote a lovely post that i know you will enjoy!   and you can follow their story here, at "journaling leah!"

Hi Wyatt! 
I was super excited to get your Valentine in the mail!  I thought before I give you your answer, I would tell you a little bit about myself. 


I am a Daddy’s girl.  And, he’s a real southern gentleman.  He is also very protective of me.  He wasn’t too happy to see your Valentine.  He mentioned something about shotguns when he saw your picture.  I dunno what that’s all about though.  :)  I just know that he says he’s smitten with me.  I think that means he loves me a lot.  And, I love him too!

My Mama loves me a lot, too.  She always plays with me and takes me to fun places, like playgroup.  We have lots of fun there, but the best part is that we get to go to Burger King for lunch after it’s over!  Some of my favorite foods are french fries.

I have 4 siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Emmanuel is my oldest brother, he is 12.  Hannah and Elijah are the next oldest.  They are 11, and Hannah is 1 minute older then Elijah!  Elijah doesn’t like that too much.  Sarah is 8 and she is a great big sister.  They are all great.  They all play with me, read to me, and sing with me.  They are even learning sign language with me.  I couldn’t ask for better role models!
So here are some other cool things about me:
I LOVE books!  I would choose reading a book over almost any other activity!

My iPad is also one of my favorite things!  Tell your Mama I said thank you for all of the app suggestions she gave my mom!  My favorites are Signing Times, Elmo ABC’s, PBS Kids, and Peekaboo Barn. 
I really like to cook and I LOVE to eat.  The only thing I really am not fond of is tuna, but my Mama doesn’t like it much either so I think I get that from her.

I like to sing, dance, and play.  I am starting to recognize my letters and I know my colors! I am even starting to go on the potty all by myself!  Mommy says I am doing better with the potty then my older brothers and sisters!  I like to rub that in their noses! ;)
Last of all, but most importantly, I like to pray.  I love to talk to my Heavenly Father and thank Him for all of my blessings.  My Mama says I’m a blessing and Daddy says that it was luck that he has me.  He says it wasn’t very likely to have me born with Down syndrome, but he was lucky that I was!  When they say their prayers, sometimes I hear them say how grateful they are that they have me. They both like me just the way I am and they say that I teach them a lot of things.  I dunno though, I’m just me.  I am who I was meant to be and I am happy to be me!
With all that being said,

Yes Wyatt, I will be your Valentine…
(just don’t tell my Daddy! )

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  1. Love all of the posts! Leah is indeed lovely!