Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wyatt's Royal Valentine....Princess Lily

something's up....
mom's getting ready for a photo shoot!

we knew when we sent this valentine that princess lily (as we like to call her) was already "betrothed" to another..... but we couldn't resist!  we just love princess lily and had to ask her to be our valentine!   our valentine's posts would not be the same without her!   her mama and i are internet bff's, and we just love their family!     you can visit her mama's creative crafty blog here.....

sweet princess lily! 

ian, lily's "betrothed!
Hello Wy!!! That's what my mommy and I like to call you when we pray for you. I know you're really Wyatt, but we like to shorten up names here. Anyway...thanks for the Valentine!!!! I was so excited to get it. I have to be honest with you though...while I can be your Valentine, my mommy already has me "engaged" to another. :)   (that's ian over there! -->)                                                
I know that we would be great friends if we lived near each other or if we could come visit you. We could play together for a long time while our mommies talked...for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS!            
i guess it's time to answer wyatt.....

If we played together, I would share some of my favorite toys with you. I especially love ALL my Elmo toys, my baby dolls, and my tea set. Do you think we could use my tea set on your new, totally rad play kitchen?!

Well now...If mommy and I stay for dinner, you better have some ice cream. I LOVE ice cream!!! I don't like a lot of different things to eat. That's why mommy and I go to a feeding therapist every week. I'm getting a lot better at eating though!! I might try something new if you showed me how to do it!!

i hope he likes it......

Do you think one of your brothers would read to us when we come to visit? I LOVE books!!

Speaking of brothers...I have two big brothers. They think I'm da bomb!! I love them a lot too. I have so much family that all love me to pieces. I'm a blessed little girl.

yep, mommy.....Wy is MY GUY!!!

Oh...when I visit, can we watch "Signing Time", "Sesame Street", and "Blues Clues"? I really like those shows. Do you?

While we are playing, I could give you the low-down on school. School is sooooooo much fun. You are going to love it! I started pre-school last August. My teacher and my aide are really awesome. I learn lots and get to play with all my school friends while I learn.

Well...Mommy says I have to quit daydreaming about coming to visit you and I need to go out and get a job so we can pay for some plane tickets down to Florida. LOL! She's teasing me, I think. Thanks again for being my Valentine, Wy! Mommy and I love you!!!


  1. Love it! Princess LilyPants, you look smashing :)

  2. penny so cute, I am totally not on the ball enough for this haha

  3. This was one of the cutest things I have ever
    read. So glad Lily and her mommy have such
    nice friends, even if they live far away. God
    has blessed you in many ways (and also has
    blessed us with you) We love you.
    Grandma Thompson

  4. Penny, You are so funny! I am loving this. Cant wait to see yall again soon.

  5. Princess Lilypants is rocking her outfit and playing the field too! How could the stunning beauty not have 2 beaus?!