Monday, February 6, 2012

Who is Wyatt's Valentine Today? Delightful Delia!

delia obviously enjoying swinging!
today's valentine is the lovely little delia!   her mommy and i have been fb friends for a long time-   delia and wyatt are about the same age!  wyatt and delia have both had open heart surgery, and we had the privilege of praying delia through her surgery.....  you might remember delia from the post her mama wrote back in october for my blog during Down syndrome awareness month; "this child is NOT a burden!"
so gentle with her sweet dog!

Delia loves her kitty and puppies and will take time to pet them whenever she sees them. She loves her sister, Kiera, too - they chase each other around, as much as Delia can. Her balance is definitely not as good as her sister, but she tries to follow her everywhere. They hide out together and watch movies on the ipad in the castle tent in Kiera's room! (Kiera is very good about only watching movies that Delia is allowed to watch)
Mommy is the best place to get hugs, but she's also definitely in a Daddy phase - and loves it when he gives raspberries. Delia goes to daycare and has lots of friends there. Mommy hopes that kids will be as nice to her when she starts school as they are at daycare. They all love to help her, and love to ask me why she still wears a bib. :)

Delia is growing up so fast, and is playing with more of her older sister's toys now - Kiera has to share her doll house and kitchen!  before long they'll be sharing everything!  (i bet she would LOVE wyatt's cool new kitchen!)   
so here's delia's response to wyatt's question....."will you be mine???"

oh i HAVE to pose for pictures????

what is a "valentine??"
wait a minute.....valentine=candy?
we're talking about candy????
i LIKE candy!!!
(delia is signing candy!)

oh, you meant "eye candy?" as in my cute little friend wyatt? lol!
not REAL candy????

well, he's pretty cute....
i think i'll say "yes, wyatt....i will be your valentine!"

okay, now let's talk about the candy again.....



  1. A.DOR.A.BLE! Wyatt has such good taste in Valenines.

  2. What a great response! Wyatt certainly knows how to pick the best looking girls with the best personalities too!