Sunday, February 26, 2012

"A Perfect Lily" Says "YES!"

wyatt's valentine today is another west coast girl!   the lovely lily is the youngest daughter of my dear facebook friend and fellow blogger, patti!  patti and lily are tireless advocates and fundraisers for orphans and their adoptive families, especially through reese's rainbow!   patti's blog, "a perfect lily, letters to my daughter" chronicles their daily lives, as well as advocates for those orphans in need!

Mom Patti says that Lily's favorite foods are vanilla yogurt, popcorn and PLAIN cheerios, lol. If we try to sneak honey nut cheerios in her bowl she spits them out!

 Her favorite people are her nine brothers and sisters :)

She also loooves music, and starts dancing whenever she hears it.   

She is very tiny- she's only 17 pounds and 27 inches (at two years old!)  

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  1. what an honor for Lily to be here, Penny- LOVE the blog background too- you are so sweet !! oxox